24 Cozy Hot Chocolate Recipes


These hot chocolate recipes are sure to satisfy your craving for something warm and chocolatey.  What is better than to sit down beside a nice fire with a hot chocolate?

This is especially true during the holidays and on a cold and windy (or snowy) day.  Take a look through these awesome recipes and settle down with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.

1. World’s Best Hot Chocolate

World's Best Hot Chocolate

A great classic hot chocolate recipes that is sure to be delicious any time of the year.

From: ashleemarie.com

2. Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

What is better than pumpkin flavored anything?  White hot chocolate with pumpkin of course.

From: wholefully.com

3. Perfect Homemade Hot Chocolate

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Just three ingredients make this hot chocolate delicious and easy.  Don’t hesitate to make this when the weather turns cold!

From: BrightSettings.com

4. Starbucks Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

A peppermint white hot chocolate is great.  This one imitates what you can get at Starbucks, so it is sure to be yummy.

From: thefrugalnavywife.com

5. Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate

Cookies and Cream

An interesting take on the classic hot chocolate, this cookies and cream recipes adds tons of flavor and flair.

From: SprinkleSomeSugar.com

6. Pumpkin White Hot

Pumpkin White Hot

This pumpkin flavored one uses white hot chocolate to make the flavors extra awesome.  Try this one for a great fall styled drink.

From: MostlyHomemadeMom.com

7. Stovetop Hot Chocolate

Best Stovetop

Add lots of marshmallows to make this classic hot chocolate extra delicious.  You won’t need to worry about what the weather is doing outside as you drink this one.

From: Mommacan.com

8. Raspberry White Hot Chocolate

Raspberry White

Raspberry steals the show with this white hot chocolate recipe.  Extra yummy!

From: Faithfullyglutenfree.com

9. Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Peppermint White

Get in the Christmas spirit with this peppermint hot chocolate recipe.

From: cincyshopper.com

9. Slow Cooker Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker Pumpkin

Use a slow cooker to make a great pumpkin white chocolate recipe.  Not only is it easy to do it this way, but it is delicious.

From: tornadoughalli.com

11. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Red velvet is a staple around my house, and this hot chocolate fits in just perfect.  Try it today!

From: peasandpeonies.com

12. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

This recipe uses regular hot chocolate instead of white chocolate.  In my opinion, that’s the best!

From: learncooking.us

13. Slow Cooker White Chocolate Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker White Chocolate Cinnamon

Cinnamon is added to this white hot chocolate to give a but of spice and tons of flavor.

From: myorganizedchaos.net

14. 5 Minute Hot Chocolate

5 Minute Hot Chocolate

Create this simple recipe in just 5 minutes!

From: thechunkychef.com

15. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Nutella Hot Chocolate

If you like nutella you are sure to enjoy this recipe.  The hot chocolate and nutella flavors just seem to be made for each other.

From: organizedisland.com

16. White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa

Snickerdoodle White Chocolate

A snickerdoodle hot chocolate is just what everyone needs.

From: confessionsofacookbookqueen.com

17. Eggnog Hot Chocolate

Eggnog Hot Chocolate

If you enjoy eggnog then you will for sure like this recipe.

From: inkatrinaskitchen.com

18. Icelandic Hot Chocolate

Icelandic Hot Chocolate

Try this recipe for some great hot chocolate.

From: savorytooth.com

19. French Hot Chocolate

French Hot Chocolate

A different take on hot chocolate, you may never want it any other way.

From: eazypeazymealz.com

20. Crockpot Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Crockpot Red Velvet

The crockpot is a great tool for cooking all kinds of things, including this awesome red velvet hot chocolate.

From: thesaltymarshmallow.com

21. Hot Chocolate for One Person

One Person Hot Chocolate

This is a simple and easy hot chocolate recipe that you are sure to enjoy.

From: yummyhealthyeasy.com

22. Disneyland’s Hot Chocolate Copycat

Disneyland Hot Chocolate

This recipe is great for kids and adults alike! Disneyland has the best hot chocolate around, and with this drink you can have a taste too.

From: onionringsandthings.com

23. Pink Hot Chocolate

Pink Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is yummy and pink and delicious.

From: bakingmischief.com

24. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

What goes well with hot things and chocolate?  Why, peanut butter of course.  You will love this amazing recipe.

From: crunchycreamysweet.com


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